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Professional performance.

Sample projects:

Tazerbo Wellfield Treatment Facilities-West, GMRA (Great Man-Made River Authority)

Between April and October 2003, six partial lots weighing 10,000 freight tons each and six additional partial lots weighing 1,000 freight tons each were delivered directly to individual wellheads in the 20 x 54 km Tazerbo wellfield. The oasis of Tazerbo is located 850 km south of Marsa el Brega.

The unloading of each shipment, scheduled to take three days, involved the loading of 135 lorries. The freight not only included containers full of accessories, but also enormous filter containers each with a diameter of 435 cm. The last 110 km of the journey took place along desert tracks. With daytime temperatures of up to 60°C, unloading was carried out “free jobside”, that is directly where the goods were needed.

Lasmo Elephant Field, AGIP Gas and Oil Company

Prior to implementing the Elephant Field project, detailed plans were drawn up by the Carl Ungewitter Trinidad Lake Asphalt GmbH & Co. KG. project team. Every inch of the 1300 km route from Ras Lanuf, the port of discharge, to the final destination in the Libyan desert was checked and analysed in advance to ensure that the transportation of the heavy load would run smoothly.

In addition to the weight of the load, which had been forwarded from Canada (over 80 t.), its dimensions – 20 m in length, 470 cm in diameter and a trailer clearance measurement of up to 670 cm – also played a major role in planning the overland transport route.